Download Whatsapp Messenger New Version

Today, we will teach you how to Download WhatsApp Messenger new version. Automatically without having to be aware of Google Play on WhatsApp is one of the most important applications nowadays. It helps us to communicate in a simple and fast way. It allows us to send images, videos, files, or even voice notes in a simple and instant way. In addition, without spending too much data. It is an application that we depend on, so the news are always very important.

This way you can download Whatsapp Messenger new version

If you notice news features are on other users mobile, it is possible that you have the auto update option disabled. Well, this can be because a simple reason, and it is that you have automatic updates turned off, and therefore, your version is weeks, or even months to be updated.

New Version Whatsapp of PlayStore

If you have entered Google Play and have seen pending updates in WhatsApp, it is because you have not activated the option that automates it. It’s very simple, and you just have to go to the 3 points that are in the upper left area. If you click on it, a single option called ‘Automatically Update’ will appear.

Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp Messenger

In order for Google Play to update WhatsApp to the latest version automatically, this option must be enabled. This does not mean that all applications will be updated automatically. But only WhatsApp will. If you want other applications to do it, you must do the same process but in the desired application.

How to update whatsapp automatically on mobile

From now on, every time a new version of WhatsApp is published on Google Play, it will start to download. It will be installed automatically, so you always have the latest version. With all the latest new features and changes. It will never take you weeks to have new options.

When we have selected the option to update automatically, it is possible that we are under a mobile network, and Google Play does not download the updates. The reason is that by default there is an option that only allows you to automatically download the applications when you are under a Wi-Fi network. We can change this in the settings of Google Play in a very simple way. Although we must be careful with our data and activate automatic updates in many applications.

Update Whatsapp Without using Playstore

WhatsApp has just launched its beta program through Google Play. In this way users will be much more comfortable to always have updated the application. Since there is nothing more comfortable that updates made through Google Play.

Whatsapp Messenger new version

Whatsapp Messenger new version

Download WhatsApp Beta for Android is as simple as following these two simple steps:

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Update WhatsApp

Targeting to the beta of WhatsApp, we will begin to receive new versions on a regular basis. So we will be the first to try out their new features before they reach the whole world through the stable version. However, you should bear in mind that it will not always be the best application. Because you will have some faults, if you want a stable app you should wait for the months necessary to enjoy the updates.