How to Download Whatsapp New Version

Today we want to talk to you about how to download WhatsApp new version, as you already know this is the most used instant messaging app around the world and we will also tell you some of the features that the new version has.

How to download Whatsapp new version

In addition, WhatsApp has a program for its more advanced users to become beta testers. In this way we will be able to enjoy the latest advances before they reach the rest of the audience. However, to become a beta tester you just have to access this link, register with your Gmail account. It is very likely that these two novelties appear in the final version of the application that is sent to the Play Store.

There are two ways to have the most current version of this application. The first and most simple is through Google Play, where if the update button does not appear is that you have the latest version available. However, it will not be the most recent, since WhatsApp is slow to upload new versions in Google Play, so to really have the most up-to-date version you should follow the steps that we offer below:

Download Whatsapp New Version

Download Whatsapp New Version

1. First, go to the website, either from your PC or your smartphone.
2. Click on Download. If you are using a smartphone, you must check the option View as a computer.
3. Click on Android to download the most new version that exists in our operating system.
4. Click on Download Now.
5. Finally, before installing the APK file, you must activate the ‘unknown sources’.


Some features of the new WhatsApp

1-. Share location in real time

WhatsApp makes available to all its users a new feature to share our location for a period of time. In this way our contacts can easily find us if we have stayed in an area or simply communicate that we are well with our relatives.

2-. New design for emoticons

The WhatsApp Emojis are renewed to unify them and have the same appearance on all platforms. The new emojis have a more voluminous appearance with shadows and gradients.

3-. New status

WhatsApp has included a new way to create one of its new status. It is a colored background on which we can add text and emoticons. To create one we have to click on the pencil icon in the states tab. The type of font (the font style) can be also changed by pressing the text icon and to change the background color we have to click on the palette. We do not have the option to choose a certain type or color, but instead we change their shape by clicking on their icon.

4-. Sending more types of files

Now you can send more types of files from the document option. Files like APKs, compressed .ZIP and also JPG photos without undergoing compression and even DNG files of photos in RAW. The limit of file for Android is 100 MB and it seems that in iOS it reached up to 120 MB.

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