How to Update Whatsapp Plus Apk Free

At this point we all know what the platform WhatsApp is, but what we need to explain today is what is WhatsApp plus, this new version of the platform was created by a Spanish man, who decided to modify the original WhatsApp, and with these new modifications it includes a wide range of options for you to customize your profile and everything else in this app.

At the beginning of 2015 there were certain bans for the users of this app, so the creator decided to drop this platform to concentrate in other projects that he deemed more important. But even after this happened, this platform is still alive and well, and it’s still gaining more and more users around the world. So below we will tell you how you can get this app.

Even if WhatsApp has stopped taking action against the WhatsApp Plus users, the fact that you download these app it’s still a violation of WhatsApp terms of service and even if they are not taking action against the users now, they have every right to do it whenever they want, so you will have to watch out for that.

How to download WhatsApp Plus APK

Sadly since this app violates the terms of service of WhatsApp, you will not be able to find it on the Play Store platform. But if you still want to do this, there is a very simple way to do it. You can simply download the APK file for it.

The first thing you have to do is find a downloading page that you think that it’s reliable, it will be even better if you find one that you have already used or you know someone that has, so like that you know that downloading files from there is safe. After you have found the page, you will simply get on it and type out the name of the appon the search bar that it’s on the page and then click enter.

After that it will show the results that match your search and then make sure to download the more recent one, or one that matches the software of your phone and then all you have to do is simply click on the little button that says ‘download’ and just like that, after waiting a few minutes you will have the app on your phone. It’s just that simple.

How to update WhatsApp plus APK free

After you’ve had this platform for a very long time, there might be a time where you will have to download an upgrade, this platform will tell you when it’s time. But since this is an app that it’s not available on the Play Store, you will not be able to upgrade it the same way that you upgrade every other app that you have on your phone.

Even if you think this might not be possible, or it’s gonna be more difficult. The answer to that is that it might take a few extra steps. All you have to do is find the upgrade in the same page where you downloaded it before and look for the newest version and click on ‘download’ and that’s just it.

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