Install Whatsapp on your Windows PC

Download and Install Whatsapp on your Windows PC

Depending on your computer’s System you can figure out how to use Whatsapp on it. Here we will show you how to download and install Whatsapp on your Windows PC, since a lot of people would rather use the application on its computer than on its mobile devices.

Please remember Whatsapp is now totally free to download and install. Do not pay any amount of money to use it nor on your mobile device, nor on your computer.

Whatsapp Web

There is one safe, free and official way to use Whatsapp from your computer without downloading any content. Whatsapp launched Whatsapp web, which is totally free and you just need an internet connection.

However, there are some other requirements to use Whatsapp web, for example: you need to have a mobile device with Whatsapp downloaded and installed, it must be connected to internet and it must have an operative camera. Since you will need to scan the QR code that you will see on your computer’s screen once you start using Whatsapp web.

Whatsapp PC

Install Whatsapp on your Windows PC

Install Whatsapp on your Windows PC

Now, if you can not or do not want to use Whatsapp web, there are a couple ways in which you can download and install Whatsapp on your Windows PC. If you have a Windows computer, you can download an emulator and play most of Android apps on it.

An emulator just imitates the selected operative system without changing yours. You can find, for example, Play Station emulators for PC and Android is not an exception. We can suggest you to download BlueStacks which is free and has lots of recommendations.

Install Whatsapp PC

Once you have downloaded BlueStacks or any other emulator, you can use it as it was an Android device. So, you just have to go to the Play Store, look for Whatsapp, download it, wait for it to be installed and start using it.

BlueStacks may require you to download the daily applications in order to keep working for free. If you do not want to, you can pay for using it. You can find BlueStacks on the web, but remember that if you will use it to download Whatsapp, it is necessary you have an operative phone.

Download and install Whatsapp on your Windows PC

Once you have your emulator and download Whatsapp, it will ask you for a telephone number in order to send you a code. It will not require you to write the code, but it will detect if that number received the message. So, you better have an operative phone to use Whatsapp.

Also, that will be your Whatsapp ID because if someone needs to talk to you using Whatsapp, he/her will add you through the phone number you gave when you installed the app. Some of the cons that we have found on Bluestacks are about its weight, which is quite big.

We hope you have found what you were looking for and now you can download and install Whatsapp in your Windows PC for free and in a secure way.

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