Update WhatsApp New Version for Android

WhatsApp remains without a doubt the best application where we can communicate and send messages. As well as chat with our contacts, and although they had already introduced the calls. Now we have a new update that will allow you to have new emojis, categories and improvements. We will explain now in a simple way and in a few steps, how you can automatically update WhatsApp new version for Android.

With the new version you can continue using the application smoothly and completely updated. Just in a matter of minutes. In addition, we give you the solutions when you cannot update WhatsApp because of any error of the application or your terminal.

Update WhatsApp new version for Android

If you want to be able to update the version of WhatsApp on your Android, first you must know what version you have. From there you can update it to the next one. The best and most recommendable way to do your update is to enter the official website of the application. There you can download the APK from the latest beta version of WhatsApp, which reaches all users’ weeks later through Google Play.

Update WhatsApp

Update WhatsApp

If you think that the process of downloading the APK every two to three days to update your service of messages and calls is quite boring (and sometimes long), we recommend you then WhatsApp beta Updater. A new application that allows you to make your updates without problems.

Download and update WhatsApp without Play Store

Downloading and updating WhatsApp without using Play Store is a slightly more complicated method than the traditional one. But it does not have to be impossible. Actually, it’s quite simple if you follow our steps. To update WhatsApp from another site that is not Play Store, you must search and download an APK file and install it on your mobile.

Download WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp

1-. You must go to Settings. Then access security. Look for the option of unknown sources or unknown origins and activate the option that appears on it.
2-. Now you have to go to download the WhatsApp APK file.
3-. If you do it from your PC, you will only have to move the file to the Android phone using the typical USB cable.
4-. Then you have to click on the WhatsApp APK file and start the installation of the new WhatsApp update.
5-. We are almost finished. Now you will have to register your phone number to start using the new version of WhatsApp.
6. Finally you must repeat the first step. Settings, then you must go to security, look for the option of unknown sources or unknown origins and deactivate the option that you have activated before.

For this process, it is important that you have installed a good antivirus for Android. Some of the updates of this application are:
• States are updated again, adding color and text.
• You can send files of different formats.
• Intelligent search of emojis.
• Fix chats.
• Delete messages permanently.

When downloading this application you should have something in mind. You should know what the latest version you want to install is. Also remember to install a good antivirus on your device in case you are going to use the updates by APK.

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